Jason Gardiner tips Laura Hamilton for the first 10 of the series

Laura Hamilton

Dancing On Ice judge Jason Garidner has tipped Laura Hamilton to socre the first perfect 10 out of 10 score of the series. Speaking about the five remaining celebrities to The Sun today, Gardiner added that current favourite Sam Attwater was starting to worry about the competition.

"[Sam] is starting to worry that others are overtaking him and his territory as frontrunner is in question," he told the newspaper. "And he should worry. There have been inconsistencies in his routine but Laura has been more solid."

Meanwhile on Laura, who scored 28.5 points out of 30 on Sunday's show, Jason commented: "Improves every week. I feel what we are getting from this girl is very special."

He added: "A lot of heart, a lot of spirit, beautiful placement and incredible partnership with Colin.

"I wouldn't be surprised if we see our first ten in the contest from Laura."

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