Denise Welch brands Jason Gardiner a "coward and a hypocrite"

Denise Welch

Denise Welch has branded Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner a "coward and a hypocrite" following his Twitter rant against her husband. TellyMix reported yesterday how Jason Gardiner had told his critics on the social networking website to "shove it", adding that Tim Healy's breath smelt of "stale pi*s n alcohol".

Speaking to The Sun today however, Denise called Jason a "coward and a hypocrite" for his comments towards her husband. "It's a terrible thing to say, not funny and not clever," she said. "He could have responded saying, 'I thought he was going to deck me', or something like that, so to respond in such a nasty way is just childish.

"If this was a serious national skating competition do you think Jason Gardiner would be asked to judge it? Why would he? He would be judging cap-wearer of the year in Swindon."

Tim himself told the newspaper: "I was sitting in the front and he was too near to me. He's lucky I didn't chin him."

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