Jason Gardiner: Those who think I was rude to Tim Healy can shove it!

Jason Gardiner

Outspoken Dancing On Ice judge has told people who felt he was rude to Denise Welch's husband Tim Healy on last night's show to "shove it". The ever critical dance expert was writing about the complaints on social networking website Twitter, following his clash with Tim on last night's live show.

As reported last night, actor Tim Healy invaded the Dancing On Ice stage from the audience to confront Jason, after he told Denise her Dancing was like watching someone playing Twister.

During the clash Jason remarked how bad Healy's breath smelt, a comment which he wasn’t sorry for this morning. "Those who think I was rude to Tim Healy can shove it," he said "He got in my face with breath that smelt of stale piss n alcohol whilst I was talking. I'm not perfect but at least I have oral hygiene."

He continued: "I wouldn't go anywhere near that face again to be honest. But I have no problem telling people how I feel to their face. U know it [sic]"

Meanwhile Denise herself was still shocked at the on-air clash, saying: "My heart was in my mouth! I had no idea what he was going to do!"

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