New ITV chief reckons Dancing On Ice should NOT have been axed


ITV's new programming boss has admitted he wishes the broadcaster hadn't axed Dancing On Ice.

The celebrity talent competition, which was hosted by Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley, ended after nine years in 2014 with an 'all-stars' series featuring some of the most memorable contestants.

At its peak, Dancing On Ice was capable of attracting well over ten million viewers - but ratings eventually slid to around half that number.

Despite this, Kevin Lygo - who became ITV's director of television earlier last year - reckons it was canned prematurely.

"I think when Dancing On Ice was cut, it was felt, 'oh we need to refresh, it’s gone down a bit in the ratings'," he said at the Edinburgh Television Festival last week.

"But you know, nothing that we’ve done has achieved those numbers that Dancing On Ice was doing. I think sometimes we TV types can get bored a bit more quickly of shows than an audience can."

Lygo continued: "I’ll be honest, I hadn’t watched DOI until I came to ITV and it was series four, five, whatever it was.

"I watched it, it was the most lovely family show and a really good feeling and distinctive and brilliantly produced, and actually I wish it had gone on a bit longer."

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