Denise Welch 'incredibly flattered' by public support on Dancing On Ice

Denise Welch

Loose Women star Denise Welch has said she has been "incredibly flattered" by the amount of public support shown to her on Dancing On Ice this year. The presenter has managed to stay in the show thanks to viewer votes despite regularly coming bottom of the leader board based on juges' votes.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Welch said: "If I’d been relying on the judges scores on the show, then I’d have been booted out in the second week, so it’s thanks to the public where I am now. I’m incredibly flattered.

“Jason will never know what it’s like to have so much public support – so maybe he’s getting a bit of the green-eyed monster! I’ve been getting some wonderful comments so I just try not to take what Jason says to heart.

“It’s been a wonderful, life-affirming experience. When you’re bottom of the leader board, then the public vote you in, what a lovely feeling.”

Reacting to comments by Jason made on Tuesday suggesting viewers shouldn't be voting for the bad skaters, Denise said: “I can understand Jason saying he fears better skaters are at risk because of the public vote, but if they wanted it to be judged on just skating then why don’t they have an expert panel?

“I’m not doing it for the judges anymore, I’m doing it for the people at home enjoying an old biddy on the ice.”

The telly host also revealed the show was great for losing weight. “At the start of it all I was 10st 2lb, but now I’m 8st 11lb, so it makes a big difference," she explained.

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