Jason Gardiner "thrilled" with Laura Hamilton's performance on Sunday

Jason Gardiner

Ever critical Ice judge Jason Gardiner has paid a rare compliment today, saying how thrilled he was with Laura Hamilton's performance on Sunday's show. You may think Jason could be going a bit soft, also saying he was impressed by Vanilla Ice and proud of Denise Welch, however when it came to Kerry and Jeff's performances the mean judge was back.

"Jeff loses his performance and technique when he is given harder stuff to do," Jason told The Sun. "Until you've mastered one skill how can you do something even more advanced? It actually makes you look worse than you are."

On Kerry, who was axed from the show by all three judges in Sunday's skate off, Jason commented: "She always turns out a performance - but Sunday was about displaying technical ability, what you could do with your ultimate skills. And she couldn't do them. So it's right, it's fair and it's just that she has left the competition. "

For telly presenter Laura Hamilton however there was only compliments from Jason. "I'm absolutely thrilled with this girl," he told the tabloid. "I had to pay attention to what the required elements were because it was seamlessly woven together in an impressive routine. Laura is great herself but the most important thing is that she and Colin Ratushniak are brilliant together."


Meanwhile Jason revealed he was impressed with Vanilla Ice's performance, saying it was on the best of the night. Gardiner also confessed to being proud of Denise Welch, commenting: "This should have been her worst week, but she proved she can skate on."

Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday on ITV1.

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