Jason Gardiner 'called in cops' over Dancing On Ice death threats

Jason Gardiner

Dancing On Ice 2011 judge Jason Gardiner reportedly called in the cops over death threats he received following his on air clash with Karen Barber. In an interview with News Of The World today, Jason revealed how one irate viewer threatened to "put a bullet through [his] brain".

"I thought maybe I wanted out when I received the death threats. It's scary," Jason said. "My representatives are aware of them. We've compiled them and will be presenting them to the authorities. You have to take these things seriously.

"Everybody's aware of them including ITV. What these people don't realise is that they are traceable now. The internet especially is the most stupid way to threaten me in this nature. Because we can find you. And we will. The vitriol I have received has been extraordinary."

The ever critical judge revealed: "One guy has even told me he will put a bullet through my brain."

In the interview, which is available in full only in today's News Of The World, Jason claims the abuse he has received has been down to his sexuality. "There's no question in my mind that had I been straight I would not be getting this level of abuse," he told the paper.


Jason also took the chance to once again defend the spat between him and Karen. While admitting the on-air argument was "uncomfortable television", he argued the reaction far outweighed the actual incident. "Karen and I have always been great sparring partners," he told the News Of The World. "Karen said: 'Now I'm not on the judging panel we can really go for each other.' I was like: 'Bring it on, sweetheart.'

"She seems very sensitive about the new role so that's why I wasn't proud of what I said. Instead of taking the higher ground I lashed out."

Read Jason's full interview only in today's News Of The World.

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