Sam Attwater to perform the headbanger on tomorrow's Dancing On Ice show!

Sam and Biranne

Sam Attwater will tomorrow become the first ever male celebrity to take on the dangerous and risky headbanger move. The stunt, which to date has only been carried out by the female celebs with their male partners in control, will see Sam spin skater Brianne by her ankles with her head just centimetres from the rock hard ice.

Current bookies favourite Sam said about the upcoming performance: "I need to find the wow factor in my routine this week."

He added: “No celebrity boy has done the head banger before, so that’s something I want to do. We’ve been practising it, so we’re working on that at the moment so hopefully in the next few weeks it will be there.”

Meanwhile a source added: "Chris Dean has been monitoring Sam's progress all week as it's such a dangerous move. He'll make a final decision on Sunday if he feels Sam is ready."

Watch Sam's routine live along with the other celebrity contestants when Dancing On Ice returns at 6:35PM tomorrow night on ITV1.

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