Comedy Dave Vitty latest celeb to be eliminated from Dancing On Ice 2011!

Comedy Dave

Comedy Dave Vitty has become the latest celebrity to be eliminated from the 2011 series of Dancing On Ice, voted off by the judging panel against Kerry Katona in the skate off. Comedy Dave and Kerry Katona received the lowest combined public and judges votes after all the celebrities skated for a fifth time on this evening's performance show.

After the pair skated again it was up to the judging panel to decide which of the pair's time on the show as up. Earlier, the panel had awarded Comedy Dave 12.5 points out of a possible 30 while Kerry had scored 12.

Host Phillip Schofield went to Emma first for her view, who voted to save Kerry, saying: “I’ve found this very, very difficult but I have to go on performance and for that reason I’m saving Kerry.”

Next, Robin said: “Kerry’s was very much the stronger performance, but Dave was the better skater and had the better jumps. I went for the skater and so I’m saving Dave.”

With the votes to save tied, Jason had the deciding vote, explaining: “I’m obviously looking at performances. This is theatre week and based on the performances in the skate off I’m saving Kerry.”

Jason’s vote meant Comedy Dave became the latest celebrity to be eliminated from the show with by two votes to one.


Speaking after his exit, Comedy Dave said: "I’m gutted obviously, but I know I’m not one of the best skaters in this competition. It’s been a brilliant privilege; I had such a good time! I’d like to thank everyone on the show for teaching me especially Frankie."

It seems as though Dave got out just in time, as next week the remaining contestants will have to show off the skills they’ve learnt over the past two weeks in “The Ultimate Skills Test” – which will account for up to half of their marks from the judges!

Head judge Robin warned: “Next week the practicing is over!”

Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday on ITV, complete with a special performance from Brit nominee Rumer.