Karen Barber 'anxious' about facing Jason Gardiner on Sunday's show

Karen Barber

Dancing On Ice's Karen Barber has admitted to feeling anxious and nervous about facing Jason Gardiner on tomorrow night's show - the first time the pair will have met since last weekend's on-air argument. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Karen said she didn't want a repeat of the previous Sunday's clash.

“I am a bit anxious," Karen told the tabloid. "I know I can stand up for myself, but I don’t want a repeat and I hope we can move on from this.

“I haven’t spoken to Jason since and he doesn’t arrive in the studio until Sundays. But I trust producers to do the right thing and prepare me and Jason so we don’t fall into something like last week. They are very caring and supportive."

Talking about her rocky relationship with the judge, Karen continued: “Jason and I have worked together for so long – in good times and bad times – so we should be able to put this behind us, put it in a box and move on.

“This week I’ve tried to find my feet and get over it. I have thrown myself into work as normal, supporting the celebrities and skaters and getting their new routines right."

The former Olympic skater added: “What happened was still there in the back of my mind. I didn’t want to be sad all week but I knew it was all still rumbling on out there.”

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