Vanilla Ice refuses to wear pink for tomorrow's Dancing On Ice performance!

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice today revealed he refused show bosses' pleas to wear pink for tomorrow's latest Dancing On Ice performance show. The US rapper, real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle, added that the show made him feel embarrassed - and that his friends had been making fun of him!

"I told them no way am I wearing pink. I wore it in the 80s, but that was when it was in," he told The Sun, "Pink is not the new black."

Chatting to the press ahead of tomorrow evening's show, Ice continued: : "I've always been too embarrassed to do something like this. I'm a rapper, man - why am I going to put on ice skates and embarrass myself?

"I've never skated in my life. We don't have ice in Florida! I knew my friends would make fun of me. I'd make fun of me."

However the music star admitted that he has gained confidence now and, even though he doesn't expect to win, is hoping to stay on the show for a while yet. "I'm just here for the experience. I don't give a s***. I took it for my girls. They ice skate, but I would just watch. Now I can skate with them," he said. "I'll be ice skating forever. I'm not embarrassed any more."

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