Chloe Madeley: I wish I could be as good as Laura Hamilton!

Chloe Madeley

Dancing On Ice's Chloe Madeley has admitted she has been starting to get very competition in the competition, currently hoping to be as good as Laura Hamilton - the current top female skater in the contest. Speaking ahead of Sunday's performance show, Madeley also revealed she was hoping to carry out the dangerous 'headbanger' move.

Talking about the move, which current favourite Sam Attwater is also hoping to attempt, Chloe said: "I’m psyching myself up for it because I really want to try it soon.

"Hopefully I’ll get the chance in the next couple of weeks because if I leave Dancing on Ice having not done the headbanger I’ll be gutted!”

Meanwhile the telly presenter revealed she was beginning to get a bit competitive with the other female sakters, telling What's On TV: "I never thought I would consider anyone else’s skating in comparison to mine, but that’s starting to change. I want to get up there with Laura Hamilton – she always gets half a point more than me."

She added: "I wish I could be as good as her, just for once!”

Dancing On Ice continues on Sunday on ITV1.

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