Former Dancing On Ice winner Kyran Bracken blasts the judging panel

Kyran Bracken

Former Dancing On Ice winner Kyran Bracken has blasted the judging panel - saying that he only listens to Robin Cousins' opinion. Saying that the other judges lacked experience on the ice, the 2007 winner of the skating reality show criticised Emma and Jason for judging on looks rather than talent and ability.

The Sun quotes Kyran as saying: "Let me highlight my biggest turn-off this year - the judging. There is only one score and decision I acknowledge and that is Robin's.

"We now have two judges who vote on performance and one judge who votes on both skating and performance. In previous years they have had 60 per cent of the panel as skaters, now it's only 33 per cent."

This year saw Olympic skater Karen Barber demoted from the judging panel to 'Head Coach' while ice dancer Nicky Slater was axed from the panel completely.

Bracken added: "Also, there is no tension, one vote and the next decides it, and Jason and Emma will always agree because that's all they seem to do on every show! Emma just repeats verbatim what the others say."

The rugby star also gave his opinion on Jason and Karen's spat, saying: "For what it's worth, my own view is that what Jason said was quite simply despicable; Nicky [Slater] and Karen have twice his credentials." However he added: "Do we really want Emma, Robin and Karen saying how lovely the celebrities are and how much they are improving? The answer has to be No. Would you go to see the Wizard of Oz without the Wicked Witch? No."

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