Jason Gardiner 'has no regrets' over on-air argument with Karen Barber

Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner has apparently told friends that he has "no regrets" over his on-air argument with Karen Barber, which saw him come close to losing his job. The £100,000-a-year judge came under fire for the spat, in which he quipped that 'Head Coach' Karen's opinion didn't matter anymore now she was no longer a judge.

Despite apologising for the comments both on the show and after the show in the press, a source close to the judge revealed: “He made his apology but he has no real regrets over what happened."

Talking to The Mirror, the insider continued: "He just wants to get on with doing what he is paid for, which is giving constructive criticism of the skaters, and not sugar-coating things and saying they are nice."

He added: “He won’t be contacting Karen before the show on Sunday night.”

Yesterday show host Phillip Schofield hit out at the people complaining about Jason Gardiner's comments, calling the situation "crazy".

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