'Bunny boiler weirdo' Jennifer Metcalfe won't leave Sylvain Longchambon!

Jennifer Metcalfe

Hollyoaks stunner Jennifer Metcalfe has revealed she won't be leaving her professional skating partner Sylvain Longchambon - despite being booted out of the competition! Describing herself as a "Bunny boiler weirdo", Jennifer confessed to not being able to tear herself away from the French hunk.

Speaking to The Sun, the actress said: "I'm going to miss being with him 24 hours a day, seven days a week - but we'll find time to spend together.

"I'll just miss having him in my pocket all the time. I'm a right bunny boiler weirdo. I won't let him go. I'm like, 'No, now you're stuck with me.' There's a connection between us."

Talking about her premature and surprise exit from the competition on Sunday, Jennifer admitted she was disappointed and criticised the judges' decision. "I feel it's a contradiction because each week on the leaderboard me and Sylvain have been higher [than Vanilla Ice].

"The judges didn't reflect that in their decision so I'm not sure where their votes came from."

Despite the early exit however the Channel 4 star revealed she'll be begging producers to take part in the tour if she has to. "I'd love to do the tour more than anything," the 27-year-old said, "I feel like this is a bit premature leaving. If I do the tour it feels like a bit of justice.

"Hopefully they'll find a way. I am going to beg them."

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