Phillip Schofield hits out at people complaining about Jason Gardiner

Holly and Phil

Dancing On Ice 2011 presenter Phillip Schofield has hit out at people complaining about Jason Gardiner's comments towards Karen Barber on Dancing On Ice last Sunday. Following reports earlier today that over 2,000 people have complained about the incident, Schofield described the situation as "crazy" on his Twitter.

"Right, enough. Please do not expect me to condemn Jason or to expect his sacking," Schofield said on the social networking website. "He is a friend. Secondly a telly spat is not a sackable offence, even if it is misplaced. Its crazy OFCOM have been swamped by complaints, why is this now the first port of call for 'The Outraged' Why? No matter what the misdemeanour, is the general howl 'sack 'em'? [sic]"

He continued: "Yes, a disagreement between 2 people spilled on to the telly, but it's not the first row to be broadcast and it won't be the last. If every tiny thing that might offend someone somewhere was cut, there'd be nothing to watch!! I'm a big fan of Karen & Jason, I don't think they'll be friends, but they should BOTH be on DOI."

The presenter and This Morning host then joked: "If you are offended by these tweets, I will expect you to go to OFCOM and demand that I'm sacked immediately!" before logging off of the website.

Yesterday Phillip Schofield criticised Gardiner for his comments, saying Jason crossed the line.

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