2,200 complain to ITV as Jason Gardiner admits: They're talking about firing me

Jason Gardiner

ITV has received more than 2,200 complaints following Jason Gardiner's on air clash with Karen Barber on Sunday night, and last night the judge admitted his position on the show was in danger. Many fans of the show have called for the ever critical panellist to be removed for his personal and unprofessional comments during the weekend's performance show.

Jason told The Sun today about the threat of being axed: "They're talking about it."He added: "I don't know what they will do. I can't do anything about it. If I'm honest, I'm always surprised I get invited back every year."

He continued: "I felt I overstepped the mark. It was personal and I wasn't proud of it. I thought, 'Be a man and apologise'."


Jason comments are unlikely to appease annoyed fans however, with one telling us at TellyMix: "Jason did overstep the mark and is making increasingly spiteful comments to the contestants. No one should have to put up with that, not the contestants, not the other judges and not the viewers."

Another added: "He needs to be constructive in his criticism and professional rather than personal. I hope that he is not allowed to get away with it."

An ITV spokesperson for the show commented: "The producers of Dancing on Ice have made it clear to Jason that this type of comment is unacceptable."

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