Jason Gardiner crossed the line, says Dancing On Ice host Phillip Schofield

Holly and Phil

Dancing On Ice 2011 presenter Phillip Schofield has said he felt that Jason Gardiner has crossed the line in last night's show, which saw an argument erupt between the judge and 'Head Coach' Karen Barber. In the clash, Jason quipped that former judge Karen's opinion no longer matted - a comment which Schofield said he felt went too far.

"He makes me laugh, even when he's bad he makes me laugh and I would always defend him," the presenter said on This Morning earlier today. "But I think he had more than a foot over the line last night. Karen's role is important. Her opinion is incredibly important - she sits and works with the skaters all week."

Chatting about the incident with co-host Holly Willoughby, he added: "I've not got down to the bottom of the fact of why they genuinely can't stand each other. They don't get on at all and this is not made up or put on for the telly."

Holly - who was stood helplessly between the arguing pair - recalled: "I was listening to what Jason was saying and the next thing I know, is that this tiny little lady - who's packing a real punch - comes in beside me."

Schofield joked: "I thought she was going to backhand him!"

VIDEO: WATCH: Jason Gardiner and Karen Barber argue on Dancing On Ice 2011

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