My boyfriend's getting jealous over Matt Evers, says Chloe Madeley!

Chloe Madeley

Dancing On Ice 2011 contestant Chloe Madeley has confessed that her boyfriend has been getting jealous over the time she has been spending with Denise Welch's professional skating partner Matt Evers. Speaking on Loose Women, Chloe even admitted that the pair had been arguing over the time she has spent on the show.

Chloe confessed: "I had a dream about Denise's Ice partner Matt, but I couldn't look at him for the next week. It was awful and it was so embarrassing. We've all been there!"

Revealing troubles with her boyfriend getting jealous, Chloe added: "We had a bit of a tiff last week and he's starting to get a bit jealous."

The presenter turned skater however was sure her performance outfits would keep him interested. "I was basically naked on the ice [last week]," she laughed, "But with the outfits - the more extreme they are, the less nervous you get. It helps you get into character more. The hair, the costumes, the music - they all help."

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