Jeff Brazier blames fall for finding himself in the Dancing On Ice skate off

Jeff Brazier

Jeff Brazier has blamed falling over during his Dancing On Ice routine on Sunday for finding himself in the skate off during the results. Despite his fall, the telly presenter scored his highest judges' vote yet and survived the elimination against Dominic Cork when his fellow celebs decided to save him.

Recalling the moment he and partner Isabelle Gauthier fell over on the ice, Jeff said: "I remember it taking what felt like ten minutes to actually hit the deck; a real slow motion moment, and when my routine came crashing down you can imagine the solitary four-letter-word that resounded in my head."

He continued: "Auto-pilot is a wonderful thing! My actions at that point were not my own but I recall getting up impressively quick, and good on Isabelle for finding where we were in the music because getting back into the song so quickly kind of made it slightly less unbearable, although I clearly lost a heap of votes for going over."

Jeff added: "The Dancing On Ice audience is a fair one. They are a performance loving community and we can now take from my dip in votes that if you stack it, you're in trouble!"


The 31-year-old dad-of-two however took being in the skate off on the chin, having only good words to say about the experience. "I know I can take the pressure of a skate-off," he explained, "I found it easier than the first attempt and I relaxed and enjoyed it. It was a chance to make things right.

"I'd have to believe in myself being saved over a few others in the competition if it came down to technical ability in a skate-off, so with that in mind, what's to fear?"

Dancing On Ice continues this Sunday on ITV1 and ITV1 HD.

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