Live Updates: Dancing On Ice 2011 - Performance Show 3!

Dancing On ice - Live UpdatesIt's going to be a nervous time for all of the remaining Dancing On Ice celebrities tonight, not only do they have to skate for the third time but this week it'll be up to them to decide who is heading home! Will the pressure be too much for the likes of Kerry Katona and Laura Hamilton? How will Vanilla Ice cope with his head injury? Join us for live updates throughout the show!

Our live updates kicks from 6:30PM when the third performance show of Dancing On Ice 2011 gets underway - feel free to add your comments or tweet us @tellymix!

Live Updates

18:17 Welcome to the Live Updates for Dancing on Ice! We will be here every step of the way with tonight's show and bring you all the latest, up to date going ons from the show! Be sure to stick with us as it all kicks off in just under 15 minutes.

18:22 What do you think of tonight's shocking Twist? "The Ice Pick" - Do you like the sound of the idea? Or is it a bit evil for you? Let us know!

18:28 We're just two minutes away, I hope you're all comfy!


18:29 Roll Titles... "The competition has begun, 12 celebrities skated, 2 skated for survival, 1 skated for the last time, but did he have a lucky escape? It has been their toughest week so far, tonight, it will get even tougher."

18:31 Phillip is explaining that this week has been tough, Vanilla hit the ice and tonight, the Ice Pick comes into play.

18:32 VT is being shown of Robyn telling the skaters that this week, they must vote one pair out of the competition. Kerry says she doesn't want to do it, Vanilla Ice says it's mother nature, nothing he can do it and Denise says it's a competition, she'll just get on with it.

18:33 The celebrities are welcomed onto the ice along with genuine ice royalty, Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean.

18:36 Holly explains that half of the votes will come from the judges and half will come from the viewer votes. The pair with the least number of votes will go into the bottom two and then the dreaded Ice Pick will come into place.

18:37 The first pair to skate this evening is Chloe and Michael. The pair are doing a neck spin this evening in which Chloe has to wrap her legs around Michael's neck and they then spin around - very dangerous !

18:38 The pair are dancing to "I love Rock 'n' Roll" - so far they're executing their dance very well.

18:40 The "Neck Spin" was executed without any accidents. They did two rock kicks, rock chick air punches, barrel roles and the neck spin! Jason, Robin and Emma all give 6.5 as their score which gives them an overall score of 19.5

18:41 Jane says all the stars have been very apprehensive about the twist tonight and Chris adds that they are all aware of what they need to do tonight.

18:42 Robin says the skaters know what it is like to be skaters now it is time to see what it is like to judge. He is happy with Chloe's performance and it was a great start to the show. Emma says Chloe is executing things very well, she is being brave and entertaining. Keep it up and she will be in the show for a while. Jason says that she is showing versatility and it's not the Chloe he saw in week 1, she has improved. There are things to improve on but there's time for that.


18:49 We're back! Next to skate is Johnson and Jodeyne

18:50 This week they're skating to One Love by Bob Marley. Johnson and Jodeyne head off to dance classes this week, where they practised, rythem, arm movement, position.

18:52 The pair danced really well, and Johnson really enjoyed it. They did a split lift, Jerk Chicken Clack, Backoutside Death Spiral and finished with a double lunge. Jason gives him a 4.0 and Robin and Emma give them a 4.5 which gives them a score of 13 overall.

18:53 Johnson says he never thought he could go to a ballet class but it really helps. Jane says the broken finger hasn't affected him this week.

18:54 Jason applauds him for taking his advice and going to dance lessons, however, it wasn't applicable to this dance as it was slower and laid back. He says he looked disconnected through the routine so he got bored half way through. Emma says there's connection missing between them however, she says Johnson has rythem ans it's becoming a performance the audience can enjoy. Robin says he agrees with what the other judges have said. He needs to connect it all the way through and don't become flat. Karen says that she agrees with the comments and there is difficulty through the routine but she doesn't recognise him as he is wearing color and he went to ballet classes which he said he would never do.

18:56 Coming up Jeff is being a SWAT and Kerry is doing things her own way.


19:01 We're back! The next couple to skate is Jeff and Isabelle.

19:02 Jeff says in the last few weeks he has fell short of what has been expected of him, he needs to get a good skate under his belt as the Ice Pick shakes things up. Jeff asks for extra work on his routine this week and he says if he is capable of doing a big lift he wants to do one now!

19:03 The pair are skating to "Better Together".

19:04 Oh No, A fall from Jeff, could this jeopardize his future in the show?

19:05 They did a together spiral with an under leg weave with a fall, they got it back together, they did a swallow lift and then a cinderella spin. Jason and Robin give him a 4.0 and Emma gives him a 4.5 which gives him an overall of 12.5. Jeff says his knee is fine from the fall. He adds that nobody is talking about the ice pick tonight. Chris says he has put his all into the skate tonight and he pushed it a bit hard.

19:06 Despite the fall, Emma says she felt a bit emotional, when he came out the skating was smooth and she really felt for him. She adds his lifts are great and hopefully he'll be here next week. Jason says it is his best skate yet up until the fall but he recovered very well. Robin says that he took his basic skating quality and took it to a whole new level.

19:08 Next up is Kerry and Daniel.

19:08 Kerry says she is very dependant on Daniel - this week she is skating to Disturbia by Rihanna. Chris says this week they have tried to open it up more and she skates on her own for a part of the routine. She says there is something in her head that is telling her she is worse than everyone else, but she is really going for it this week.

19:11 A really good skate from Kerry tonight. Smooth, no stumbles or falls.

19:11 Their routine included a rotating back stab and an aeroplane spin. Jason gives a 3.0 and Robin and Emma give 3.5 Kerry says she really enjoyed the performance this week and this is what she came to do. She is disappointed with the scores as she has enjoyed the routine the most. Dan says he noticed that Kerry enjoyed the routine. Jane says she needs to boost confidence as she needs to add more speed.

19:13 Jason says he said last week she is too reliable on Daniel and she still was this week. She is using him as a crutch. Jason says Kerry says she is having a good time, but he doesn't see that. He adds the backstab wasn't too good. Karen says that Kerry didn't choreograph that routine, Chris and Jane did. Karen agrees more speed is needed but Kerry doesn't make her own routine, she can only do as she is told. Karen adds that Jason is here every week to offend people. Robin says he doesn't know whether Kerry can skate on her own as they have never seen it and if she does have the ability then she needs to show it!

19:15 Coming up after the break, it's the moment when Vanilla Ice comes face to face with the ice.


19:20 We're back! Time for Vanilla Ice and Katie to skate

19:21 Vanilla Ice says the first time he heard his skating song, he wasn't happy as it took him out of his comfort zone. It's a slow, romantic song, which was asked of him last week. He has thrown himself into the routine this week ... Literally. He was doing a lunge into a one footed turn and came face to face with the ice. He cut his eye and had a few stitches to fix it. After the all clear he returned to training the day after - his confidence level had been knocked severely.

19:22 The pair are skating to "Always" tonight.

19:23 A really nice performance from Vanilla Ice tonight, taking things slower and you can really appreciate his routine and see exactly what is going on instead of him speeding off all over the place.

19:24 Their performance included two around the world moves with a lunge, then a drape lift to a climbing crucifix. Jason gives a 5.5, Robin gives a 5.0 and Emma gives a 5.5 with a total of 16.

19:25 Vanilla ice says a lot of people deserve credit for this show, it isn't just about the celebrities. Chris says he wasn't sure whether Vanilla Ice would be skating tonight, but he pulled through. Robin says he did a really good job, it worked for the routine. Emma says in the performance, he was looking down and was very tentative, but he would be after the fall. Emma adds he is a bit of a romantic. Jason says that being a little tentative this week, worked very well. He cares about his partner on the way up in the lifts and coming back down too.

19:27 After the break, Laura encounters a fan and Dominic meets some mates.


19:32 Welcome back! Next to skate is Dominic with Alexandra

19:33 Dominc says he wasn't happy last week as for the first time in his life he had to question himself whether he could actually do something. Dominc gets a visit off Andrew/Freddie Flintoff for moral support. Dominc says this Sunday is all about Aggression and getting the job done and he hopes he can "nail" his performance.

19:34 The pair are skating to "I can see for miles"

19:35 I must say, their Union Jack attire isn't very flattering tonight!!

19:36 Their performance included a spirit of ecstacy and finished with an electric guitar lift. Jason gives 3.0, Robin gives 4.5 and Emma 3.5 with a total of 11. Dominic says he hated being in bottom 2, and it really did make him question whether he could do it. He says he is happy with his performance tonight. Dominc says he might not be making the pick tonight but if he does he will go with head or heart at the time. Jane says that his performance was good tonight.

19:37 Jason says he likes his performances the best... when they're over. He says his performances are deteriorating and not improving. Robin says that from a skating point of view, he needs to work on his performances.

19:38 Next is Laura and Colin. Their music this week is kind of latin. Laura says one of the moves is the wrist ripper and she says it feels like it rips half the hair off your arm and adds she is scared of breaking her wrist. In dress rehersal, Laura still cannot land that move so the pressure is on tonight!

19:40 The pair are skating to "Whenever, Where-ever"

19:41 She pulled it off !! Their performance included a rotating figure of 4 into a lunge, the latino passionate steps and then the wrist wripper. Jason gives 7.5, Robin gives 6.0 and Emma gives 6.5 with a total of 20.

19:42 Laura says that it is anyone's game, as the public are voting as well, the Ice Pick isn't a nice thing and she isn't looking forward to it - Chris says the routine was a complete disaster at the beginning of the week and she gave 100% this week.

19:43 Jason says he loves Laura, her dynamic and the performance fully charged. He says she kept herself up on 2 feel, yes, she didn't land the lift but it was amazing. Emma says she puts everything in and brings character to the ice and that she has something very special. Robin says she attacks everything and if she is going to do a barrel role, cross the legs over. Other than that to have her at such a level at this stage of the competition is amazing.

19:45 Coming up after the break, two mature and sophisticated ladies. Jen and Denise.


19:49 We're back! Next to skate is Jennifer and Sylvain.

19:50 Jen says they did okay last week but there is room for improvement. Jane says they both have a good relationship and this performance will show that. Jen says that Sylvain is cracking the whip this week. It's not just the pressure of the performance that is bothering Jen, it's this weeks twist. Jen says it could cause some tension as nobody wants to vote a friend off the show.

19:52 Their performance was very well executed with a teapot into a back spiral, a lovers carry and cradle and a dramatic lunge at the end. In terms of scores, Jason gives 5.5, Robin 7.0 and Emma 6.0 which gives her 18.5

19:53 Jen says when both her and her partner are having a tiff, she is always correct. Jen says that she is really worried about this week's twist and there's a lot of tension. Jane says it was another great performance and they both appear to be strong out there.

19:54 Emma says there's something lacking and she wants Jen to be more independent. Jason says that Jen is an actress and her performance was not fiery enough. Robin says he likes the fact their performance was not fored.

19:56 Denise and Matt are next and she is struggling with the slow and sophisticated performance that she has been given. She says she feels like she has taken a step back but she is determined to improve this week and is going to stop being such a baby.

19:57 The pair are skating to "slow"

19:59 Their routine included a lunge, spiral, an around the world spiral and scores are 3.5 from Jason, 3.0 from Robin and Emma gave 3.5 which gives a total of 10.

20:00 Denise says she enjoyed it and she si definitely not going to beat herself up over it.  Chris liked her flowing on the ice this week. Jason says she has slightly improved and it played better to her strength. Robin says there was a few error and wobbles, but it played to her strength this week and gace an emotional edge. Emma says she liked seeing her more elegant.


20:06 Next up is Sam with Brianne.

20:07 Sam says it is amazing to be top of the leader board twice now, but the downside is he has to step it up again. This weeks routine is harder than ever before. Jane says Sam always wants bigger and better routines. In dress rehersal Sam was still having problems with the lifts due to his shoulder inuries.

20:09 They're skating to "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

20:10 A really enjoyable performance from Sam and very well executed! His routine included a rock 'n' roll flip lift, a ballet lift into a shoulder split and a back flip. Jason gives 8.5, Robin gives 8.5 and Emma gives 8 with a total of 25.

20:11 Sam says it could have gone better but he enjoyed it. So, we've heard it from the horses mouth that there's some sort of romance going on between Sam and brianne. Chris says he still stayed on top apart from the little mistake.

20:12 Robin agrees it was a little bit sloppy and that is why it wasn't a 9. Jason says his performance is like a skating viagra? He confirms that the lifts are definitely not easy but he makes them look easy. Emma says he is doing wonderful wonderful things, Emma also adds that there still more to come from him and not to hold back too much!

20:14 Next is Comedy Dave and Frankie

20:16 They're skating to Achy Breaky Heart.

20:17 Their routine included buckaroo kicks, teapot and a bronco flip. Jason gives 3.0, Robin 4.0 and Emma 4.0 which gives him 11.

20:18 Dave says he likes the Character side of things. Chris says that he thinks Dave is more comfortable with what he is doing. He is moving over the ice a lot more.

20:19 Robin says if he is really going to compete with the others he needs to work more. Jason says that he enjoys watching Dave perform, but he is too average. It's fascinating that he is very involved but only average. Karen says it has been his best week. Emma says it suited Dave and she enjoyed it.

20:22 Well, it has definitely been an entertaining night from Jeff's tumble on the ice to Kerry getting a surprisingly low score and Sam being top of the leaderboard again with a huge score of 25 out of 30. Please do join us after Wild at Heart for the results show with the dreaded Ice Pick.


21:26 Just under 5 minutes to go before the results show and the dreaded Ice Pick makes its debut.


21:33 The lines have closed and in a matter of minutes we'll have a bottom two in which their fellow celebrities will have to decide who they want to leave the competition. It's Dancing on Ice: The Skate off!

21:34 Time to have a recap of tonight's performances. Who do you think gave the best performance tonight? Who do you think is going to be in trouble this evening? Let us know..

21:41 It's results time. First couple through to next week is Denise and Matt.

21:42 The second couple safe and skating next week is Vanilla Ice and Katie.

21:42 The third couple safe and skating next week is Sam and Brianne

21:42 The fourth couple safe and skating next week is Comedy Dave and Frankie

21:42 The fifth couple safe and skating next week is Laura and Colin

21:43 The sixth couple safe and skating next week is Jennifer and Sylvain

21:43 The seventh couple safe and skating next week is Johnson and Jodeyne

21:43 The eight couple safe and skating next week is Kerry and Daniel.

21:44 Jeff and Isabelle and Dominic and Alexandra are in the skate off and must face The Ice Pick.


21:50 Welcome back to Dancing on Ice: The Skate Off - Do you think Jeff and Dominic are the right people to be in the bottom 2?

21:51 The first couple to skate the skate off is Jeff and Isabelle

21:53 Jeff and Isabelle completed their routine without any falls this time. Good strong performance. Next up is Dominic and Alexandra

21:55 Good performance from Dominic! Now, time for showdown.

21:56 The stars will come out one by one. They will explain why they want to keep the certain couple in then skate to the couple they want to keep in.

21:56 Chloe explains she is saving the couple as they have been with her since day one. She chose Jeff.

21:56 The person John saved is Dominic.

21:57 Kerry says she is saving this couple because they are consistent and are trying their best. She chooses Jeff.

21:58 Vanilla Ice choose to save Jeff.

21:58 Laura chooses to save Jeff.

21:58 Jennifer chooses to save Jeff as he is a "top skater" and has "loads of spark".

21:58 Jeff has 5 votes, which is the majority so Jeff is saying in the competition and Dominic is going home.

21:59 Sam chooses to save Jeff.

21:59 Dave chooses to save Dominic.

22:00 Denise chooses to save Dominic.

22:00 With 8 votes to 3, Jeff will skate next week. Dominic will be leaving the competition.

22:02 Next week, Dacing on Ice takes off to Vegas! (Not literally, but ah well)


Thank you for joining me for Live Updates this evening, it has been a real pleasure and we will see you next week with more Live Updates!!