Jeff Brazier 'very confident' of tomorrow's Dancing On Ice routine

Jeff Brazier

TV presenter Jeff Brazier has insisted he is very confident of the routine he'll be performing on Dancing On Ice tomorrow night, despite the number of lifts he'll have to carry out. The reality telly star also revealed he wouldn't be voting tactically when it comes to the 'Ice Pick' twist in the skate off.

Speaking about his planned performance, Jeff told The Sun: "I've had tough moments on the show which have given me sleepless nights and I need a week where I just nail it.

"Sometimes you get on the ice and you can't do anything, but I've felt I could win the Olympics this week. I feel confident."

Meanwhile he said while the Ice Pick twist - which will see the celebs themselves decide which of the bottom two skaters goes - will be great TV, it would be hard for the contestants. "You become friends with people who might have to choose between you and someone else," Jeff explained.

"I won't vote tactically, but we are all hoping the decision will be obvious and there will be someone who is the better skater - but a lot of us are very similar in our ability."