Andrew Flintoff backs pal Dominic Cork to win this year's Dancing On Ice

Dominic Cork

England Cricketer Andrew Flintoff has come out in support of his pal and teammate Dominic Cork in this year's Dancing On Ice competition, saying he thinks Cork has what it takes to go all the way. The cricket legend added that he thought it was "unfair" that Cork had found himself in the bottom two in last weekend's show.

Flintoff is quoted by DigitalSpy as saying: "Corky is a great bloke and I really want him to go all the way in the competition, I think it was a little unfair that he ended up in the bottom two last week.

"If he stays in the competition it means I get to give him some more stick for the costumes he wears, but I have to give him credit, it looks incredibly difficult - they make it seem so easy on television!"

He added: "I just want to urge everyone that watches on Sunday night to vote for Corky - he’s a legend!"

Meanwhile Dominic Cork revealed how he was devastated to be in the bottom two last Sunday, explaining: "I felt that I had skated well enough to go through to this week's show so finding out I was in the bottom two was devastating."

Cork continued: "Having Freddie in the studio on Sunday will make a huge difference. Knowing that your friends are in the audience rooting for you can help give you get that extra bit of motivation on the night."

Dancing On Ice continues this Sunday from 6:30PM on ITV1.