Comedy Dave 'taking advantage' of Dancing On Ice to boost career

Dave Vitty

Radio 1's 'Comedy Dave' Vitty has admitted he is taking advantage of Dancing On Ice to do more telly work and boost his career, following suggestions the Chris Moyles' Show is to be axed. Speaking ahead of Sunday's performance show, Dave also confessed to taking a liking to the fake tan!

The 36-year-old Radio DJ admitted: "If I can distract people by the colour of my skin then it can perhaps take away from my failing in the footwear department."

He added: "I think [My Wife] is a bit worried that I might be nicking her fake tan after this."

The dad-of-one also revealed how his training for the skating show had seen him shed the pounds, explaining to The Sun: "I've certainly lost weight, not through anything other than just being active. Skating's very physical, there's a lot to it in terms of trying to perfect the routines. Frankie and me spend a lot of time on the ice and I've lost a couple of inches."

However Dave's most interesting comments were about his potential future career, remarking: "I'm seizing on the opportunity of doing other stuff and doing things on my own as well. I think I'd be daft not to." But despite rumours to the contrary, Dave insisted The Chris Moyles' Show on Radio 1 is set to continue for a while. "We still very much enjoy doing the show," he said. "The chemistry that Chris and I and the rest of the team have is as strong as ever."

Dancing On Ice continues on ITV1 tomorrow from 6:10PM.

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