Eliminated Elen Rivas blames her VT for early exit from Dancing On Ice

Elen Rivas

Ex-wag Elen Rivas has blamed Dancing On Ice producers for her early exit from the skating reality show, saying her VT portrayed her was unfairly bossy. The mum-of-two, who used to date England footballer Frank Lampard, was eliminated from the show after just the one performance on Sunday night.

Speaking on This Morning yesterday, the tabloid favourite explained: "I didn't want to go. I wanted to stay there. I had so much fun. It is just the public vote. It is just what happened.

"In my VT, it was me being funny and all the people who know me, they all thought it was funny. If people do not know me, they might not think the same. I didn't mean anything bad, I was just joking a lot of the time.

“People who don’t know me might think ‘she’s bossy’. If they knew me they’d see it’s my sense of humour. I think it showed you that I have a sense of humour, but people may not have got it."

Elen Rivas was eliminated from Dancing On Ice alongside Craig McLachlan on Sunday night after the pair failed to get enough public support following their first ever performance on the ice.

Dancing On Ice 2011 returns next Sunday at 6:10PM on ITV1.