"I want to wear every colour of the rainbow!" insists Craig McLachlan

Craig McLachlan

Former soap star Craig McLachlan has insisted that he told Dancing On Ice costume designers he wants to wear "every colour of the rainbow" on Sunday's show. The ex-Neighbours actor, who will skate for the first time with partner Maria Filippov, added he wanted as many sequins as possible!

The hunky telly celeb told The Sun today: "Blokes on the show in the past haven't been overly keen on sequins and glitter.

"The costume designer told me many men have very firm ideas on what colours they will not be seen in.

"I said 'I want to wear every colour of the rainbow - and then some. When it comes to rhinestones and sequins, go for gold and do not stop'."

The 45-year-old Aussie added: "I want people to ask 'Is that Craig, Dolly Parton or Elvis circa 1975?' If I'm razzle-dazzling from the waist up, nobody is noticing that my feet are a little bit lazy."

Dancing On Ice continues on Sunday on ITV1 at 6:35PM.