Sam Attwater falls for his Dancing On Ice partner Brianne Delcourt!

Sam Attwater

Former Eastenders actor Sam Attwater has reportedly fallen for his Dancing On Ice partner Brianne Delcourt! According to The Sun, the pair - who have been preparing for Sunday's show together for the past 3 months - have been sending plenty of time together both on and off the ice.

A smitten Sam told the tabloid: "It's quite early days but she's a beautiful lady and we are getting on amazingly.

"We have a great relationship on the ice and a great relationship off the ice. I don't want it to end."

The actor, who used to play sexy Leon Small in the BBC One soap, added: "I was asked, 'If you could choose anyone who would it be?' and I said her immediately and I was very fortunate to get my wish.

"Brianne got me two friendship bracelets - one for her and one for me. And I had bought her a charm bracelet with an ice skate on it."

Sam will be performing for the first time this series on Sunday night, hoping to avoid a double elimination and make it into the competition which starts the following weekend.

The love-struck ice novice continued on about his skating partner Brianne: "When you spend so much time with a person it's like a marriage. We hit it off straight away, we are skating every day and spending every evening together, so you get really close really quickly."

Dancing On Ice continues on Sunday on ITV1 at 6:35PM.