Jeff Brazier admits to wearing his sparkling skating outfit everywhere!

Jeff Brazier

Dancing On Ice contestant Jeff Brazier has revealed how he's been wearing his skating outfit everywhere to get used to it - even picking up his kids from school in his tight trousers! Speaking to Fabulous magazine, Brazier also spoke about keeping Jade Goody’s memory alive.

The TV star - who first found fame on Channel 4's 'Shipwrecked' - told News Of The World's Fabulous magazine about raising his children alone following Goody's death: "We talk about Jade all the time. The subject of Mummy is always there.”

As well as speaking out about his heartache whilst growing up and taking part in all those TV reality shows, Jeff also confesses to having to get used to wearing his "tight" skating outfit. “Those trousers are so tight you can practically see what I had for lunch," he jokes. "So I decided to wear them every day to get used to them. I’ve even picked the boys up from school in them, which has caused a bit of a stir in the playground.”

You can read more of the interview in Fabulous magazine, available only in tomorrow's News Of The World or online at

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