Angela Rippon and Jason Gardiner clash after first Dancing On Ice elimination

Angela Rippon

Eliminated Dancing On Ice celeb Angela Rippon has hit out at judge Jason Gardiner after Sunday's show, suggesting he should learn to skate himself before criticising other contestants. However the controversial judge was quick to return fire, describing the telly presenter as "old rubbish".

Angela Rippon told The Sun this morning: "I challenge Jason to spend a few weeks with Sean to see if he can learn to do a three-turn, a choctaw, a camel turn, a mohawk."

She continued: "If he could do that routine then he could stand up and say, 'It's a safe routine.' Jason is a bit harsh. To say it was safe and dull was wrong. The music was very slow - if we'd had something with a beat it would have been more lively."

Despite scoring a respectable first time score of 11 points, Angela left Dancing On Ice 2011 on Sunday alongside Nadia Sawalha in a double elimination after just the one performance.

Rippon's partner Sean Rice backed her comments, saying: "Jason doesn't know what he's talking about. I said to Angela, 'Who is this guy?' Then I find out he's not even a skater. He calls a mohawk a mohair! He knows nothing.

"How many seasons has he been on for? And in six seasons he's never skated? Don't you think it would be great for the public to see him finally skate?

"We had one of the most technical programmes on the show. It's the technique of skating. It might not have the biggest tricks but it was one of the most technical."

However the judge hit back later, moaning: "It's good she's gone," he wrote. "She's so prim and proper and perfect in every way it leaves you cold and she won't listen to criticism," adding: "Angela only hears what she wants to hear. Good riddance to old rubbish."

Dancing On Ice 2011 continues on ITV1 this Sunday at 6:35PM.

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