'Chavtastic' Kerry Katona nervous about Dancing On Ice debut this weekend

Kerry Katona

Reality telly winner Kerry Katona has revealed she is nervous ahead of her Dancing On Ice debut this weekend, confessing she was sacred when meeting professional skaters Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean because she is 'chavtastic'. The ex Atomic Kitten added however that despite the nerves, she was looking to impress.

30-year-old Kerry told The Sun: "I'm so nervous all the time and apologetic. It's like, Chris and Jayne, and then chavtastic Kerry Katona has come on their show.

"I just think, 'How the hell can I do this?'. I feel so out of my depth.

"I feel like they're such nice people, why am I here? I got a bit overwhelmed after the first few sessions because I couldn't believe how nice everyone was. I'm not used to that."

She added: "I'm so eager to impress. It's like doing the moonwalk in front of Michael Jackson."

Kerry Katona will be one of eight celebrities skating on Sunday's opening show, with two of the stars being eliminated in a shock twist. The former 'I'm A Celebrity' winner however wasn't afraid of going out early, telling the tabloid: "It's been such a massive honour to be involved up to this point and to be trained by Chris and Jayne.

"If I go out in the first week and then go skating I'll say to people, 'Well, do you know Torvill and Dean? They taught me. I only lasted a week but still, I was on ice with them'.

"I think it's really nerve-racking because you don't want to let anyone down. I don't want to let the kids down, but I'm sure they'll be dead proud anyway."

Dancing On Ice 2011 starts on Sunday at 6:30PM on ITV1.