'Comedy Dave' Vitty hoping for Chris Moyles support to win Dancing On Ice

Dave Vitty

Radio 1's 'Comedy Dave' Vitty has revealed he is hoping to get support from Chris Moyles and the audience of his Radio 1 show in order to succeed in Dancing On Ice this year. Speaking ahead of Sunday's first show, the comic writer also admitted that Chris and his fellow DJs at Radio have found the show hilarious!

Vitty told DigitalSpy: "Chris thinks it's hilarious. The thing is, there's not really been any ribbing yet because it's all been under wraps until now and he knew that it hadn't been released yet.

"The biggest surprise has been that I managed to keep my mouth shut, because I'm not very good with secrets, so it's now more of a relief than anything else. But I'm sure now that it's out in the open I'll be a big target for a load of stick. But that's what we do and it's all banter."

Meanwhile the amateur skater confessed he was going to need support from the team at Radio 1's Chris Moyle's Show in order to do well in the competition. "I hope [Chris] does [rally support for me] because that's what I'm kind of relying on to make up for my lack of flexibility, which is a major issue, and coordination and strength."

Dancing On Ice 2011 kicks off on ITV1 this Sunday from 6:30PM.