Dancing On Ice 2014 tour line up face fines for falling!

Ray Quinn (Dancing On Ice 2014)

The Dancing On Ice 2014 tour is coming and the show's star face fines if they trip!

However the 'fines' aren't being issued by over zealous health and safety officials, rather the celebs themselves.

Ray Quinn, who won this year's Dancing On Ice all stars series, revealed how the cash raised from the fines goes to fund the post-tour wrap party.

"We’ve got an agreement. You have to put into the kitty if you muck up," he explained. "There’s a £5 fine when you fall and £2 if you trip.

“I did the tour in 2010 and fell over so many times. There’s always enough to get everyone a shot, that’s for sure.”

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper, Ray added: "Even at this stage, anything can happen. It’s the danger that keeps it interesting – it’s what keeps people watching.”

Pop Idol’s Gareth Gates, Hear’Say’s Suzanne Shaw, actress Bonnie Langford, rugby hunk Kyran Bracken and comedian Joe Pasquale are all on the final tour, which begins next weekend in Manchester.

Finalists Beth Tweddle, Hayley Tamaddon and of course Dancing On Ice champ Ray will join them on the bill.

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