Dancing On Ice 2014 results: Sam Attwater insists it's not a fix!

Sam Attwater (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Sam Attwater has insisted there was no fix in his exit from Dancing On Ice 2014.

In last night's Dancing On Ice 2014 results, Sam and Ray Quinn landed in the bottom two with Sam finally going home after his fifth skate off.

Earlier in the evening Sam had landed bottom of the judges' scoreboard while Ray had struggled with a flying routine, leaving him off the top of the leaderboard for the first time ever.

Some viewers took to Twitter to suggest the result was a fix, with a few claiming that bosses wanted Sam out as he was not on the show's live tour.

But Sam hit back at the reports that revealed that while he wouldn't be playing every tour date he would be making guest appearances with partner Vicky Ogden where schedules would allow.

Sam went on to reveal how he and Vicky ended up skating more than any other competitor in the entire history of DOI this year.

"Out of all Dancing On Ice, series we've skated more than any other. It's been 20 routines in 9 weeks. It's been a killer time but at least I've got a night off tonight," Sam joked.

He went on to explain how the pair were often a step behind their rivals having to perform in the skate off almost every week.

Sam explained: "Because we were in the skate off so often we always had to do more routines as we had to learn a new skate-off every week, that meant we were always playing catch up.

Finally asked whether he would be continuing to skate, Sam's partner and fiancee answered for him: "Yes he will!"

The FINAL ever episode of Dancing On Ice airs on Sunday night on ITV.

Browse pictures of the celebs on the ice yesterday evening below...

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