Ray Quinns reveals his crash diet for Dancing On Ice 2014

Ray Quinn (Dancing On Ice 2014)

Dancing On Ice's Ray Quinn has revealed how he lost two stone in weeks as he prepared for the show.

The former X Factor finalist was keen to get in shape for the all star series and get rid of his pot belly.

But it meant a lot of sacrifices when it came to eating and spending hours working out every day.

“When I got the call from ITV asking me to take part in Dancing on Ice I knew I had to take action," Ray recalled. “I had 10 to 12 weeks to lose 2st, and I was so determined I reached my target in eight weeks. Dancing On Ice was definitely the kick-start that I needed."

Ray managed to reach his goal but only after a lot of sweat and tears.

“The training is gruelling enough - up to 12 hours a day - so I wouldn't have got through the first day had I not got fit beforehand,” he explained.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, Ray continued: “No fats, no stodge. I'll have good fats like avocado - but not greasy foods. I had a potbelly and I hated it,” he added. “It hasn't been easy. I don't even have milk in my tea anymore! But I'm keeping it off this time, there's no going back. I feel and look so much better.”

But it's not all hard work and no play, with Ray adding: “Every second Sunday I eat whatever I want for a day, whatever I'm craving most.

“You have to have a cheat day - I'd never stick to this tough regime if I didn't have that.”

The latest episode of Dancing On Ice airs next Sunday night on ITV.

Browse pictures of the celebs on the ice yesterday evening below...

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