Dancing On Ice 2014 results: Kyran Bracken 'frustrated' over judges' marks

Kyran Bracken (Dancing On Ice 2014)

Kyran Bracken has confessed he was "frustrated" with the marking on Dancing On Ice 2014.

The rugby star, who was voted off Dancing On Ice last night, complained there was too much of a focus on performance.

He said today: "Throughout the series, the marking .. if you skate and do a perfect run and then you watch another skater completely miss a lift and get a 9.5 or 10 you get a bit..."

Kyran continued: "It's not just a skating competition it's a popularity contest as well.

"I think Sam has been undermarked. I think Ray is brilliant, but I think the overall package is Sam but he gets undermarked."

The former series champ explained: "I think sometimes with the judging its too much on the performance.

"Jason says it's Dancing On Ice but predominately it's an ice skating show. I get frustrated when a skater goes out and doesn't do anything out of their comfort zone."

However Kyran wasn't using the judges' marks as an excuse for his exit last night.

After competing with Sam in the skate off, Kyran said: "Ultimately I had to go, I look like an ape on ice! I run my course, I had a great time and did things I wasn't ever able to do."

Kyran is one of the celebs on the Dancing On Ice 2014 tour line up which will begin next month after the show finishes.

The latest episode of Dancing On ice airs next Sunday night on ITV.

Browse pictures of the celebs on the ice yesterday evening below...

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