Dancing On Ice 2014: Kyran Bracken blasts show judges

Kyran Bracken (Dancing On Ice 2014)

Dancing On Ice star Kyran Bracken has hit out at the show's judges for unfairly marking him.

The rugby star has struggled in the all stars competition this year having been in the bottom two three times to date.

But despite being saved by the judges every time he still isn't happy with the panel.

Let's hope he doesn't find himself in the skate off again this evening then.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Kyran complained that the show's ice panelists were giving him unfairly low marks despite impressive routines.

“I get frustrated with the judges’ marks because I’ve done things that have never before been done on the show and got no credit," he said. "I did a death drop in week two and got a 7.5 from Jason Gardiner.

“But others are doing stuff done every year and getting brilliant marks. So now I think there is no point trying things that are hard or dangerous."

Kyran, who is skating with pro partner Nina Ulanova on the series this year, continued: “I’m one of the strongest skaters but I’ve been marked down all along.

“I’ve decided that I’m not going to try an axel because Jason and Ashley Roberts aren’t going to say, ‘Wow that was incredible’. I might as well do a nice little roll up and put Nina down backwards — it’s safe.”

Kyran isn't the only one to complain with recently eliminated contestant Suzanne Shaw hitting out at Hayley Tamaddon this week for staying in the competition based on her performances alone.

“Hayley is amazing with her performance but she’s not a great skater, there’s not the full package there,” Suzanne claimed. “I witnessed that within the group skate, I was asking for harder tricks and harder moves rather than dance breaks.

“Hayley has to stop playing it safe and start doing the tricks now, she needs to raise her game.”

Dancing On Ice airs on Sunday night from 6:15PM on ITV.

Browse pictures of the celebs in training for their solo skates below...

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