Dancing On Ice 2014 judges: Robin Cousins is back!

Robin Cousins

Dancing On Ice 2014 continues tonight and head judge Robin Cousins is back on the panel.

The head judge had flown out to Russia earlier this month to cover the Winter Olympics leaving a gap on the panel for the past two weeks.

Former Dancing On Ice judge Nicky Slater, who appeared alongside Robin since the the first series until 2010, returned to replace him.

But Nicky wasn’t be the head judge with Karen Barber – Nicky’s previous professional skating partner – getting that responsibility.

It mean that she had the final say on all decisions such as who to send home in the skate off and who won last week's team challenge.

However it took only one week for Nicky to rub up Jason Gardiner the wrong way with the critical ice panelist blogging he had had enough of Nicky Slater on the panel.

Jason admitted he couldn’t wait for Robin to return to the panel in a post on his Facebook page.

Writing in his weekly DOI blog, Jason complained: “In Robin’s Olympic absence Karen Barber is Head Judge and Nicky Slater has returned.

“Apparently my giving constructive criticism to Sam was deemed “unnecessarily rude” by an “impartial” Karen, even though the other judges echoed my same views.

“But then Nicky felt comparing Ray to Olympic skaters was perfectly justifiable…Hmmmm. Oh and apparently he would’ve preferred Beth to attempt her handstands ON the ice.”

Dancing On Ice 2014 continues tonight from 6:15PM on ITV.

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