Dancing On Ice 2014 judges: Jason Gardiner hits out at Karen Barber

Jason Gardiner (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2014 judge Jason Gardiner has hit out at Karen Barber, claiming she can't be impartial.

It follows the pair's latest row live on the show last weekend over Suzanne Shaw's opening routine.

While Karen praised the performance Jason was disappointed with the Hear'Say singer, leading to a clash between the two ice panelists.

Writing on his Facebook page after the show, Jason said: "Yet again Karen as head coach proves she can't be impartial as a judge and misses many of the valid points I make.

"To accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about only discredits the producers for hiring me to do my job."

He added: "Let's be real... I wouldn't have got this gig or been asked back if I didn't know my s**t!"

Speaking earlier this week, Jason insisted that his and Karen's arguments were real and not just for the cameras.

"It’s real. We see things very differently, we’re very different people," he told the Daily Star newspaper. “I think we both know our stuff but we will never agree. She never listens to what I say. She’s a very uptight woman. Can we be friends? Why would I want to be?”

Meanwhile, Jason claimed that this year's competition was the best the show had ever seen.

He said: "Overall we have an intensely competitive competition with a level that we have never seen before on DOI."

Dancing On Ice continues tonight on ITV.

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