Dancing On Ice 2014: Zaraah Abrahams has lost her boobs... but gained a bum!

Zaraah Abrahams (Dancing On ice 2014)

Dancing On Ice 2014 star Zaraah Abrahams has revealed she's already seeing changes in her body from training.

The grueling rehearsals ahead of this weekend's latest live show have improved her bum... but at a cost!

She said: "It's nice to have something to train for. I have noticed a difference.

"I'm like, 'OK, my bum's lifted a little.' It's harder than before. I'm losing a bit of boob but that's OK, it'll come back."

The Corrie star added: "I'm obsessed with the girls. I was just literally staring at their arses the whole time. They are up there. It's so impressive."

Meanwhile, the All Stars contestant admitted she felt more pressure stepping out onto the ice for a second time.

She explained: "There is more pressure, definitely.

"Last time I just joined in and I didn't feel any buildup. But this time around, I am in it from the beginning and you do get nervous.

"I am trying to ignore it, as I don't think I'll skate if I think about how nervous I am!

"You also know what to expect. You feel like someone has run you over with a truck."

Zaraah added to the Daily Star newspaper this week: "And you are like, 'I am not 21 any more.'

"You are constantly challenging yourself every day. There is a lot to take in mentally."

Dancing On Ice continues next Sunday on ITV.

Browse pictures of last Sunday night's Dancing On Ice 2014 live show below...

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