Dancing On Ice 2014: Beth Tweddle tore calf muscle in training

Beth Tweddle (Dancing On Ice 2014)

Poor Beth Tweddle has been in the wars training for her return to Dancing On Ice 2014.

The 2013 series winner will be one of fourteen celebs returning to the show for a final all-star series, which starts tonight.

But rehearsals took a nasty turn just before Christmas when Beth tore one of the muscles in her leg.

"I tore my calf at the beginning of training. Luckily I've had nine days off the training for Christmas, so it's kind of getting there now," she explained. "This was the first week I've skated with no pain, so that was nice. It took me back to my training days - I thought I'd put all that behind me!

"I haven't been able to jump. I literally started to jump toward the end of the last series, and I wanted to kind of improve my jumping but I haven't been able to do any of it, so I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks they'll allow me to start jumping again."

This year Beth will skate with new pro partner Lukasz Rozycki, having previously skated with Daniel Whiston in series 8, and she thinks that may put her at a disadvantage.

"A lot of people are saying that I have an advantage because I was on the show last year. But obviously some people have had eight years experience on the ice - I've only had 12 months," Beth told DigitalSpy. "I skated with Daniel last year, and obviously I'm skating with Lukasz this year. I've had that whole new challenge of getting to know a whole new person. Literally, the first couple of weeks are a bit like, 'Er, who are you? Who's this person?' But now we get on like a house on fire.

"We've got some new challenges. He's got totally different strengths to Daniel, so the lifts that you'll see are completely different to what I did last year. For me it's been a whole new challenge - I've just loved every minute again."

Dancing On Ice airs this evening from 6:15PM on ITV.

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