Dancing On Ice lineup: Sam Attwater loves skating with his fiancée!

Sam Attwater (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2014 contestant Sam Attwater has admitted he's loving dancing with his fiance this year.

The 2011 series winner will be one of fourteen celebs returning to the show for a final all-star series, which starts tonight.

Sam will be skating with his real life finance Vicky Ogden – Sam previously skated with Brianne Delcourt in series 6 and Vicky’s last partner was Joe Pasquale in series 8.

"I'm skating with my fiancée, which is fantastic," Sam said. "If we skate to a romantic song and they say there's no chemistry, there's something to worry about!

"It's nice for us to be able to spend time with each other. If I wasn't doing this, we wouldn't see each other, so we're getting to spend time with each other. And also, for me, I get to see how Vicky works. It's all very exciting."

Speaking to DigitalSpy, Sam continued: "We made a rule before we started that what happens on the ice, stays on the ice. From day one we put that out there and said that when we go home we're not going to argue about it.

"And to be honest, when we are on the ice, we've only argued maybe two or three times, and then I realise that Vicky's the pro and I'd better shut up! So we just get on with it."

Meanwhile, competitive Sam declared that he and Vicky would be going out on the rink to win the show.

"I would love to reclaim my title. I would absolutely love to win it," he explained. "I'd love to win it with Vicky because we're getting married this year so to win the show as well would be the best year ever.

"We're definitely going out there to win it but we're not going to get stressed out and competitive. We're not going to let it take over because it just gets too stressful. I think that's when we'd start arguing. So we're just going to go out there and do our best and fingers crossed it's enough."

Dancing On Ice airs this evening from 6:15PM on ITV.

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