Dancing On ice 2014 celebs: Suzanne Shaw having panic attacks!

Suzanne Shaw (Dancing On ice 2014)

Dancing On Ice 2014 star Suzanne Shaw has been having panic attacks on the ice already.

The former DOI champ is one of fourteen celebrities returning to the ice for this year's all star - and final - series.

But the tough competition and previous experience means that the contestants are already practicing dangerous moves to impress the judges and win audience votes.

“The scariest thing I’ve done so far this year is trying to land The Headbanger," the former pop singer said. “I did it last time but I always landed straight on the ice. I never had to land upright.

“Being bounced over the ice by your ankle and then thinking, ‘Oh, I have to land this now’, sends me into a panic attack in the middle of it.”

Ex Hear'Say member Suzanne has been reunited with her original series 3 pro skater Matt Evers for her second time out on ice, but insists she doesn't want to win.

“I haven’t kept up my skating since I was in Dancing On Ice the first time and it was a relief to get back on the ice and realise I still knew the basics," she told The Sun newspaper today. “I have had a few sessions when it felt like I wasn’t improving but things seem to be clicking into place now.

“That said, this year I want to not take myself as seriously as I did in my first year.

“I don’t want to get pushed into a corner where I feel like it’s life or death if I get to the end or not.

“I’m just going to live in the moment and make the most of this incredible experience."

Dancing On Ice 2014 starts this Sunday night on ITV with the first live show from 6:30PM.

Browse pictures of the Dancing On Ice 2014 line up below...

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