Dancing On Ice 2013: Celebrities at breaking point!

Beth Tweedle

The stars of Dancing On Ice 2013 are reportedly getting bogged down with a hectic training regime.

Gareth Thomas, Matt Lapinskas, Beth Tweddle and Luke Campbell are all left in the competition ahead of Sunday night's semifinal.

And this weekend will see the celebs have another challenge as they're required to add an element of flight into their routines.

But the tough training sessions aren't pleasing the stars, who are missing their friend and family.

A source claimed: " The celebs are feeling cheesed off as the amount of time they're having to train is becoming ridiculous."

The supposed insider added to Now magazine this week: "On top of their main piece and backup routine in case they're in the bottom two and have to compete in the skate off, they now also have to prepare for the team skate at the beginning of each show."

Meanwhile, pro skater Dan Whiston, dancing with Beth, admitted: "There's extra pressure this week because the practice days are getting longer.

" Beth and I have ended up staying in London for the last three weeks rather than preparing in the north, so that we can get as much time as possible. "

Browse pictures from the rehearsals this week below...

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