Dancing On Ice 2013 celebrities struggle with flying

Karen Barber (Dancing On Ice 2013)

This week the Dancing On Ice 2013 celebs will fly during their performances, but it's not going too well in training!

The twist is being brought back for Sunday's semi-final, with the remaining four skaters each adding a flying element to their latest routine.

And the pressure is on as only three can make it through to next weekend's final.

DOI coach and judge Karen Barber revealed: We haven’t done it for a couple of years and I realise why we haven’t done it because it’s proving difficult and they are all struggling.”

It was reported earlier in the week that Gareth Thomas in particular was suffering, with a source saying:

Karen admitted: “It’s motion sickness and Gareth was very sick. He is such a big guy, it’s a struggle to get him into the harness in the first place, let alone to have his partner, who is a slight little thing, try to manipulate him. It’s like prop week again, it’s like the harness is the prop…. Gareth is struggling.”

Browse pictures from the rehearsals this week below...

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