Dancing On Ice 2013: Luke Campbell hits back at Jason Gardiner

Luke Campbell (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Luke Campbell has hit back at Jason Gardiner, quite literally!

Ice judge Jason was pretty harsh to Luke during Sunday night’s show, even after he performed.

Jason had told Olympic boxer Luke after his performance: “It felt to me like you weren’t very connected to the choreography. It just didn’t feel like you were present tonight.”

And speaking during the results episode, where Luke avoided the bottom two, Jason complained to host Christine Bleakley that Luke was suffering from an “attitude problem”.

“I am detecting a little bit of an attitude problem with Luke so I think that could be a problem for him,” Jason moaned. “I don’t think he takes criticism very well.

“He tends to become quite argumentative and I can also see he doesn’t commit properly in his performances because I think there is a dynamic problem between him and his partner.”

But speaking to The Sun today, Luke revealed how he's dealing with Jason's critiques: "I’ve got a punchbag at the rink and after training I’ll have a good session on it.

“It’s brilliant for venting frustration — you go there and just let everything out.

“After last weekend, I wanted to put a picture of Jason’s face on the bag but I haven’t found one yet.

He insisted: “I don’t have an attitude problem and I can take constructive criticism — I’ve taken it all my career. That’s how I’ve got to be the best I can be at what I do. Boxing can be the best sport in the world, but it can also be the worst.

“I’ve had coaches so tough they blow Jason out of the water — some of them have even made me cry.

“But I’ve taken their comments on the chin, got up and become the best amateur boxer in British history.

“It proves who you are when you’re at your lowest — not when you’re winning."

He added: “So I know I can take criticism. What I have a problem with is taking insults.”

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