Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas praises "little sister" Brianne Delcourt

Matt Lapinskas (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Matt Lapinskas has been gushing about his pro partner.

Matt and Brianne Delcourt have had a bit of a rough ride recently, until Sunday night when the pair wowed the judges to score a huge 35.5 points, the highest marks of the series so far.

And Matt, who lost his confidence after being in the bottom two earlier in the month, has put all his success down to Brianne.

"Brianne, she's like a little sister," he said. “I'm like her big brother, so you have to have that sort of chemistry and that trust in each other because if she didn't trust me then we wouldn't be doing these type of lifts.

"Next week we're going to go bigger with the lifts, you've got to have that trust."

Speaking on This Morning earlier in the week, Matt revealed how Brianne had been getting tough with him in training.

He explained: "We all started off very shaky on the ice but once you get into it and once you get aggressive with it - there was one point during training when Brianne turned around and said, 'I'm getting bored of you with stiff legs, can you just get aggressive and get into it'.”

He added: “Brianne taught me everything, she's been absolutely fantastic."

Dancing On Ice 2013 continues on Sunday night with Props week.

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