Dancing On Ice 2013: Beth Tweddle vows to fight back bullies

Beth Tweddle (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Beth Tweddle has vowed to fight back against online bullies.

The Olympic gymnast is favourite to win the ITV series but has been plauged by haters online.

However despite admitting to reading a lot of the negative comments, Beth has said she won't be put off ahead of tonight's latest live show.

"You have to be strong-willed and try to ignore them," she said. “I have amazing friends and family who love and support me for being who I am.

“People that write things on Twitter obviously don’t know me as a person.”

She explained: “Not everyone is going to like everyone, so there will always be negative comments.

“If you start reading them they can obviously really upset you, so I try to avoid them.

“I try to remember that for every nasty comment there are 20 messages of support.

“I get tweets saying that children have taken up gymnastics and ice skating because of me so I try and concentrate on those.”

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday, Beth revealed she did her best to try and ignore the hate and focus on the skating.

The 27-year-old added: “If you are in the limelight people think they have the right to talk about you – ­whether it’s what you look like or what you are wearing.

“You just have to be strong enough to look past it and not let it get you down. It hasn’t affected my skating at all.”

Dancing On Ice 2013, ITV, 6:15PM

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