Dancing On Ice 2013: Matt Lapinskas isn't winning fans backstage!

Matt Lapinskas (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Matt Lapinskas isn't winning many fans backstage on the show with his toilet habits!

The class clown of this year's line up has become known amongst the crew for his practical jokes, which seem to involve plenty of toilet humour... quite literally.

Matt has been winding up the other contestants by sneaking into their dressing rooms and using their toilets, while leaving a mess behind.

A source claimed: "The other 'DOI' celebrities have said a lot about Matt's hygiene habits behind his back."

Matt himself however insisted he wasn't to blame.

He laughed: "I haven't got a toilet in my dressing room, so I go and knock on Luke Campbell or Gareth Thomas' door and if they're not in there, I go in and use theirs."

But Matt also did confess to being the celeb who had secretly been winding up his rivals, revealing: "Sometimes , I don't flush for the pure banter."

An insider added: "It's been taken in good humour by the guys."

As long as he washes his hands we suppose!

Yesterday saw Matt and pro partner Brianne Delcourt get all romantic in celebration of Valentines day.

Let's hope he hadn't just come from the toilets...

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