Dancing On Ice 2013: Luke Campbell can't stop grabbing boobs!

Luke Campbell (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 star Luke Campbell can't stop groping his partner's boobs!

Engaged Luke has found himself repeatedly grabbing a bit more than he expected of skating pro Jenna Smith.

All accidentally, of course.

Speaking to The Sun, Luke said: “There are some embarrassing slips when my hand is on her breast.

“I’m shy by nature and for the past how many years have spent my time with one woman so I do cringe when I do that.

“[My fiance] Lynsey is understanding and often jokes I should make the routines sexier!

“But Jenna is a pal and we have a laugh.”

Meanwhile, I'm A Celebrity king turned Dancing On Ice struggler Joe Pasquale has been left in even more trouble.

The comic has already been needing extra training sessions but ended up having to quit rehearsals completly this week after coming down with shingles.

A show source said: “Joe has a really bad case of shingles. It is really sore. He is battling through and determined to do his best on Sunday.”

Dancing On Ice 2013 continues tomorrow night on ITV.

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