Dancing On Ice 2013: Jason Gardiner says sorry!

Jason Gardiner (Dancing On Ice 2013)

Dancing On Ice 2013 judge Jason Gardiner has said sorry for his remark about locked-in syndrome at the weekend.

The critical ice panelist quipped that Shayne Ward's performance to a Ricky Martin track was more "Living La Via Locked-In Syndrome."

But Jason may have gone a tad too far, with many fans of the show hitting out at his comment at the expense of those suffering the condition.

One viewer complained online: “Totally tasteless and uncalled for I really hope people complain about that. Locked in syndrome is a horrifying condition and should never ever be used as an insult, especially to insult a celeb on a reality tv show.”

Another claimed that Jason was “hitting a new low” with his feedback, while a third outraged viewer ranted: “I’m not even shocked anymore. Disgraceful comment.”

Telly watchdog Ofcom confirmed it had received 24 complaints about the remark since Sunday night's show.

Jason originally defended the comment, tweeting: "I think it's good to bring taboo topics into the open."

But today he apologised, telling viewers: "I sincerely apologise for any offence caused. That was never my intention."

We imagine that will settle that, then...

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